About OptImpact

In 2022, ImpactPHL launched OptImpact - Greater Philadelphia’s Impact Investing Platform - made possible with Halloran Philanthropies’ support and powered by Artha’s technology solution. 

OptImpact is dedicated to simplifying regional impact investments by supporting stakeholders in discovering each other, connecting, and advancing aligned investment opportunities. Additionally, OptImpact aims to create value by reducing inefficiencies, illuminating regional capital gaps and flows, sharing case studies, and more.

Learn more about OptImpact partners: ImpactPHL // Halloran Philanthropies // Artha

Vision: OptImpact envisions Greater Philadelphia’s future economy as one that is equitable, sustainable, and resilient - positioning our region as a 21st-century global leader.

Mission: OptImpact’s mission is to connect a regional network of impact stakeholders to advance the number and amount of impact investments made from and/or for Greater Philadelphia. Impact investments can be made across asset classes and with impact focuses that range from reduced inequalities to health and well-being, education to climate action.

Values: OptImpact seeks to engrain the following values in all we do:

  • Trust - fostering transparent relationships across stakeholders
  • Collaboration -  aligning in new ways to achieve common goals
  • Equity - ensuring our network is representative of our region’s diversity
Introducing The Platform