Impact Criteria

OptImpact Organization/Fund Criteria

We have intentionally created a broad framework for both impact companies and opportunities to be showcased on the platform.  Regarding determining what Impact threshold needs to be crossed before requesting to be on the platform impact opportunities should have a “local lens”, and create “impact”. The impact is determined by being able to demonstrate -  Acting to avoid harm; Benefiting Stakeholders, or Contributing to solutions. These criteria will not be shared publicly but rather allows OptImpact to determine if an investment opportunity is indeed impactful and therefore should be highlighted via our platform and activities.

Companies and Other Direct Investments

  • The company/Investment has an impact as defined by the framework and is headquartered or has a presence in the Philadelphia region  (approximately a 50-mile radius). 
    • And/or the company/Investment has a local impact (as defined by the framework) on stakeholders in the Philadelphia region  (approximately a 50-mile radius).
    • In addition to the requirements above, opportunities must be 506c compliant (Must- register and sign the user agreement)
    • Be in existence for more than 12 months.


  • Capital is invested in the Philadelphia region (approximately a 50-mile radius). As well as:
    • They have a local impact as defined by the impact assessment framework as part of their investment thesis/approach or
    • They have already made at least one local impact investment
    • And/or the Impact of the investment is in the Philadelphia region 
    • Another scenario is a fund that is headquartered or has an office in the region, but their investments and impact are not in Philly. This is not a primary focus for ImpactPHL, but these may be considered on a case-by-case basis. In this scenario, the local impact would have to be articulated for consideration.
    • In addition to the requirements above, the fund must be 506c compliant (Must register and sign the user agreement)